Ways of old bathtubs restoration: simplest and more complicated ones

Old bathtub spoils the impression of a washroom while this place is intended to bring relaxation. Fortunately, modern technologies allow renewing bathtubs without replacing them. Such convenient service is called reglazing and its popularity grows fast.
Those innovative methods have been existing for several years and proved their possibility to restore a bathtub’s surface extending its serving term. Bathtub reglazing may be applied for all surfaces: acrylic, steel or cast-iron ones.
There may be distinguished the following ways of restoration:
acrylic liner;
Polishing is the simplest way that intends removing tiny defects. Enameling means applying special paint on a bathtub’s surface. The service helps masking scratches and even deep damages. Reglazing is almost the same thing but more durable and that’s why effective and demanded.
While ordering reglazing you are able to redesign bathroom selecting other color for its surface. So the service allows both restoring the surface and renewing it.