The procedure of injecting colouring pigment under the skin in the eyebrows area

The sphere of cosmetology doesn’t rest on one’s laurels but constantly develops. New methods and techniques appear and they help to hide defects and create ideal image. One of the most useful and popular services is eyebrows microblading. Such cosmetic manipulation can be called really magic because the result exceeds all the expectations.

Eyebrows are one the most remarkable face elements therefore they attract attention of all surrounding people. It demands constant applying of makeup but girls and women have to spend a lot of time for this task every day. Microblading allows forgetting about this necessity therefore it is also called permanent makeup.

Well-experienced and highly qualified specialists use a pen with small blade on its end for injecting colouring pigment under the skin. All procedure is provided manually imitating natural hair of eyebrows. After the procedure special care is demanded but it is not necessary. The effect of microblading continues 8-11 months depending on individual peculiarities.

The main advantages of the procedure are the following:

  1.      The duration of permanent makeup is twice less than traditional makeup.
  2.      The procedure is almost painless due to tiny blades.
  3.      Rehabilitating period after the procedure is extremely short.

4.      Such technique allows obtaining maximally natural eyebrows hair.