Laser epilating procedure: what preparatory measures should be taken into account?

Nowadays laser epilating is regarded as the most progressive way of removing hair. The procedure is both safe and effective therefore its popularity gains momentum. Laser hair removal is suitable for all body areas and preparation for the procedure is rather simple:

  •         You need avoid solarium visiting and sun bathing 10-14 days before the procedure providing.
  •         Antibiotic drugs taking is not recommended 14 days before the procedure.
  •         2-3 weeks before epilating only creams are suitable to be used for removing hair.
  •         Alcohol-containing cosmetic products are forbidden to be applied 3 days before and after the procedure.

Moreover laser epilating should be provided according to particular schedule worked out by a specialist. After 7-8 procedures the result tends to be wondering: about 80% of hair ceases growing being destroyed completely.

Warning: laser removing is effective for dark hair only. Blonde or grey hair contains no melanin so the laser is not able to remove it effectively. The other techniques should be selected in such case.