Car detailing mobile

Regular car wash is a huge problem for automobile owners. On the one hand it is shameful to drive a car covered by mud and dust and on the other hand cleaning an auto needs time and sometimes quite a lot.

But nowadays an ideal decision appeared. It is possible to order car detailing mobile. Just call a manager of our company and professional specialists will arrive to your home and remove mud and dust from your car service. They use innovative technology – i.e. applying special liquids instead of water. Those liquids are eco-friendly and absolutely safe.

The service is extremely convenient. If there is an important event and you need your car to be clean and shining, call us and everything will be arranged in about 30-40 minutes. When necessary additional services are also available – e.g. you may order windows and doors cleaning, wheels and tyres cleaning, interior vacuuming, etc. Pay attention that additional services take more time.

Car detailing mobile is a real salvation for those who are constantly busy but at the same time want to keep their cars in order.