Acrylic bathtub and its advantages: reasons of popularity growing

Bathtub is undoubtedly among the most expensive washroom accessories therefore one should take into account various nuances before purchasing particular model. A tub should be convenient and long-living on the one hand but on the other hand we demand this accessory to be attractive.

Acrylic tubes become extremely popular in the last few years and their popularity still had been gaining momentum. Of course, the type has both advantages and minuses but acrylic models are really qualitative.

Such bathes meet almost all personal demands because there offered models of various shapes and dimensions. One more advantage lies in warm keeping for a long period of time. But at the same time acrylic bathtubs are quite ‘fragile’. They can be easily damaged therefore acrylic models demand careful using and appropriate care.

But fortunately the service of tub refinishing allows removing all damages by covering the surface by new paintwork. Experienced technicians need only 8-10 hours for making your bathtub look like a new one.